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PC-DMIS for Arms 201 (21210-21-231)PC-DMIS for Arms 201 (21210-21-231)

$1,290.00 (USD)

Objectives: The PC-DMIS for Arms 201 course in an extension of the PC-DMIS for Arms 101 course and teaches more advanced concepts. Topics include UI customization, transforming CAD coordinates, Best Fit Alignments, Contact Probe Scanning and more advanced dimensioning, math and logic.

Course Format:  Instructor-led classroom course held at a Hexagon Solution Center.  Students work online while following the instructor (Online Lesson).

Course Length:  3 days.  Contact your regional training coordinator to schedule this training:

Audience:  This course is for CAD++ users of PC-DMIS with an Arm (portable coordinate measuring machine).   

  • RDS 101
  • PC-DMIS for Arms 101
Estimated Length: 24 hour(s)


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Online Lesson1. Introduction -
Online Lesson2. UI Customization -
Online Lesson3. Coordinate Systems & Transforms -
Online Lesson4. QuickFeatures -
Online Lesson5. QuickAlign -
Online Lesson6. Quiz 1 -
Online Lesson7. Advanced Constructions -
Online Lesson8. 3D Best Fit Alignments -
Online Lesson9. Measurement Routine Control -
Online Lesson10. Advanced Techniques -
Online Lesson11. Contact Scanning -
Online Lesson12. Dimensioning Math Logic -
Online Lesson13. Bonus Material (Optional Lesson - Status is Always Not Attempted) -
Online Lesson14. Quiz 2 -
Online Lesson15. Summary -
Online Lesson16. Solution Center Class Survey -
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