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PC-DMIS for CMM 205 - Laser Scanning (21110-25-222)PC-DMIS for CMM 205 - Laser Scanning (21110-25-222)

$5,000.00 (USD)

This course teaches the use of the scanners on CMM systems.   This course will cover scanning functions, pointcloud alignments, the use of auto features and using colormaps to display the measurement results.  Students will learn how to set up and calibrate the scanner as well as how to interpret calibration results.  This course also covers direct scanning of auto features and extraction from a pointcloud command.   There is an optional section that covers “meshing”.

Estimated Length: 16 hour(s)


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Online Lesson1. Introduction & Scanners -
Online Lesson2. Scanning Functions -
Online Lesson3. Colormap Functions -
Online Lesson4. Pointcloud Functions -
Online Lesson5. Pointcloud Alignments -
Online Lesson6. Auto Features -
Online Lesson7. Pointcloud Cross Sections -
Online Lesson8. Caliper Gages -
Online Lesson9. Meshing (Optional Lesson - Status is Always Not Attempted) -
Online Lesson10. Quiz 1 -
Online Lesson11. Summary -
Online Lesson12. Solution Center Class Survey -
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