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qs-STAT Graphical Analysis V13 (21946-11-021)qs-STAT Graphical Analysis V13 (21946-11-021)

$450.00 (USD)

This course is an introduction into the many functions of the qs-STAT software. This class focuses on using the software itself, however not on statistical background knowledge and interpretation of statistical graphics. The user will learn various software options and how to use the software most efficiently. This will include creating new files and editing existing data. Viewing of basic graphics (such as value charts, histograms and control charts) and the production of printed reports shall also be demonstrated and practiced. Contact your regional training coordinator to schedule this training:

Estimated Length: 8 hour(s)


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Online Lesson1. Initial Screens & Modules -
Online Lesson2. Intro Q-DAS qs-STAT Process Capability -
Online Lesson3. Data Format qs-STAT and solara.MP -
Online Lesson4. Individual Default Settings -
Online Lesson5. Quiz 1 -
Online Lesson6. Recording Data -
Online Lesson7. Graphical Analysis -
Online Lesson8. Database Simple and Quick Filter -
Online Lesson9. Quiz 2 -
Online Lesson10. Worked Example -
Online Lesson11. Class Survey -
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