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PC-DMIS CMM Level 1 v2021.2 for Education (21116-11-212)PC-DMIS CMM Level 1 v2021.2 for Education (21116-11-212)

$110.00 (USD)

STUDENTS:  Do NOT enroll in this specific version.  Enroll in the higher level "Catalog" to get access to all versions.

Estimated Length: 40 hour(s)
Valid for: 6 Month(s)


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Online Lesson1. Intro & Startup -
Online Lesson2. Probing -
Online Lesson3. Geometric Features -
Online Lesson4. Quiz 1 -
Online Lesson5. Alignments -
Online Lesson6. Alignment Addendum -
Online Lesson7. Size & Location -
Online Lesson8. Distance & Angle -
Online Lesson9. Quiz 2 -
Online Lesson10. Using CAD Models -
Online Lesson11. DCC Mode -
Online Lesson12. Dimensioning with Geometric Tolerance -
Online Lesson13. Position Fundamentals -
Online Lesson14. Quiz 3 -
Online Lesson15. Constructions -
Online Lesson16. Auto Features -
Online Lesson17. Intro to QuickFeatures -
Online Lesson18. Quiz 4 -
Online Lesson19. Additional Capabilities With CAD -
Online Lesson20. Scanning With Strategies (Optional Lesson - Status is Always Not Attempted) -
Online Lesson21. Bonus Material (Optional Lesson - Status is Always Not Attempted) -
Online Lesson22. Quiz 5 -
Online Lesson23. Summary -
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