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Applied GD&T for PC-DMIS 201 - GeoTol (21150-21-202)Applied GD&T for PC-DMIS 201 - GeoTol (21150-21-202)

$1,260.00 (USD)

Objectives:  This course was written to explore and provide a basic understanding of GD&T per ASME Y14.5 - 2018 with emphasis on measurement practices with CMM’s and PC-DMIS measurement software.  It is not the intent of this course to define the entire content of Y14.5.  For detailed definitions and examples, reference should be made to the ASME Y14.5 - 2018 Standard.  This is a course for users of PC-DMIS software and applies GD&T from a measurement / inspection perspective.  The course includes off-line lab exercises to add practical experience to the material and also includes quizzes to test theoretical knowledge.

Course Format:  Instructor-led classroom course held at a Hexagon Solution Center.  Students work online while following the instructor (Online Lesson).

Course Length:  3 days.  Contact your regional training coordinator to schedule this training:

Audience: This course is for PRO, CAD and CAD++ users with both Manual and DCC coordinate measuring machines.    

Required Prerequisites: 

  • PC-DMIS for CMM, Arms or Vision 101

Suggested Prerequisites: 

Estimated Length: 24 hour(s)


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Online Lesson1. Chapter 1 & 2 Intro & Symbols -
Online Lesson2. Chapter 3 Features of Size -
Online Lesson3. Chapter 4 Datum Reference Frames -
Online Lesson4. Chapter 5 Form Tolerances -
Online Lesson5. Chapter 6 Orientation Tolerances -
Online Lesson6. Quiz 1 -
Online Lesson7. Chapter 7 Runout Tolerances -
Online Lesson8. Chapter 8 Location Tolerances -
Online Lesson9. Chapter 9 Profile Tolerances -
Online Lesson10. Chapter 10 Optional Block Lab (Optional Lesson - Status is Always Not Attempted) -
Online Lesson11. Quiz 2 -
Online Lesson12. Summary -
Online Lesson13. Solution Center Class Survey -
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