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WLS 101 (21690-11-00)WLS 101 (21690-11-00)

$1,720.00 (USD)

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to understand: Optical Head Layout, OH Platform Options,Projection Field and Depth of View, How Stereo Vision Works, How Structured Light Works, Pro’s and Con’s of Stereo Vision vs. Structured Light and When to use Stereo Vision vs. Structured Light.  Contact your regional training coordinator to schedule this training:

Estimated Length: 32 hour(s)


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Online Lesson1. Introduction & Hardware -
Online Lesson2. Optical Head Calibration -
Online Lesson3. Prooject Prep & GUI -
Online Lesson4. Graphical User Interface -
Online Lesson5. Project Preparation (Selecting Features) -
Online Lesson6. Target Placement & Integrated Mapping -
Online Lesson7. Image Acquisition - Process -
Online Lesson8. Alignment - Best Fit -
Online Lesson9. Mapping - Photogrammetry -
Online Lesson10. Project by Template and RPS Alignment -
Online Lesson11. Capturing Features -
Online Lesson12. Dimensioning and Call Out Properties -
Online Lesson13. Reports -
Online Lesson14. Solution Center Class Survey -
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