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Introduction to Advanced PC-DMIS 301 (11110-31-10)Introduction to Advanced PC-DMIS 301 (11110-31-10)

$179.00 (USD)

This course introduces advanced PC-DMIS functionality including an introduction to Variables & Expressions, Branching using the IF GOTO command, Using Arrays with While Loops, and File I/O using the ReadLine and WriteLine commands.  The student should have a good working knowledge of basic PC-DMIS, basic alignments and using CAD.  Additional information on these topics (and more) are covered in the instructor-led classroom course PC-DMIS for CMM 301. Although not required, the Math for PC-DMIS 201 course may be a helpful prerequisite to this course.


Estimated Length: 4 hour(s)


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Online Lesson1. An Introduction to Variables & Expressions -
Online Lesson2. Branching Using IF GOTO -
Online Lesson3. Arrays with While Loops -
Online Lesson4. File IO using Read Lines & Write Lines -
Online Lesson5. An Introduction to Advanced PC-DMIS 301 Quiz -
Online Lesson6. Summary -
Online Lesson7. Online Class Survey -
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