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$897.00 (USD)
3 course(s) (Closed courses will not be included.)
Courses to support the Leica Absolute Scanner, Leica Absolute Scanner XL and the AS1.
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11490-11-021 - AS1 for Laser Trackers 101

Cost: $199.00 (USD)
This course is introducing the Absolute Scanner AS1 and how to use this new sensor on an Absolute Tracker AT960. The first lesson covers the technical features and the functionality of the AS1. In the second lesson you will learn how to setup the hardware. Lesson 3 covers what needs to be configured in TrackerPilot and RDS to use the AS1 in combination with a Tracker. The course will be completed with an introduction on how to check and compensate the AS1 with an AT960.

13470-11-10 - Leica Absolute Scanner

Cost: $399.00 (USD)
This course will provide Leica Absolute Scanner information including system configuration and setup, working principles and technical data. Lessons also include checks, compensation and best practices.

13470-12-10 - Leica Absolute Scanner XL

Cost: $299.00 (USD)
This course will provide Leica Absolute Scanner XL information including system components and comparisons to the LAS for range, specifications and differences. RDS and calibration are also explained.
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