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$947.00 (USD)
3 course(s) (Closed courses will not be included.)
AT40x Courses
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11470-11-05 - Leica AT40x 101

Cost: $399.00 (USD)
This course will explain how to set up the AT40x, how to use the controller, provide an understanding of battery use and highlight best practices.

11470-12-05 - Leica AT40x 102

Cost: $399.00 (USD)
This course covers Tracker Pilot functionality. Tracker Pilot is a utility software that is used with the AT40x. This course will concentrate on the functions available to a basic user.

11470-22-00 - Leica AT40x B-Probe 202

Cost: $149.00 (USD)
B-Probe Introduction, Measuring with the B-Probe, B-Probe Field Checks, Tip Compensation and Probe Check.
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