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Q-DAS, Basic statistics and DataPage+ training.
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11040-00-014 - qs-STAT & solara.MP Basics e-Learning V14

Cost: $350.00 (USD)
This course will review fundamental statistics and introduce the user to unique aspects of the Q-DAS statistical philosophy. The user will learn various software options and how to use the software most efficiently. This will include creating new files and editing existing data. Viewing of basic graphics (such as value charts, histograms and control charts) and the production of printed reports shall also be demonstrated and practiced.

11040-11-03 - PC-DMIS to Q-DAS

Q-DAS configurator for PC-DMIS

11040-11-05 - Q-DAS 101

Cost: $400.00 (USD)
Using Q-DAS with PC-DMIS

11040-11-10 - Statistics 101 [Exploratory Data Analysis]

Cost: $49.00 (USD)
This online eLearning introduction covers the basic ideas of distributions, charting, and basic numerical values. Concepts such as the Histogram, Mean value of a distribution and Standard deviation of a distribution are covered in this introductory course.

11140-11-11 - DataPage + 101 eLearning

Cost: $430.00 (USD)
This eLearning course teaches the student the basics of the DataPage+ statistics software and DataView+ option.

11940-11-024 - QAE Basics e-Learning V14

Cost: $350.00 (USD)
Course is formally known as QAE Basics e-Learning using qs-STAT & solara.MP
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