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Level 3 eLearning courses provide additional advanced training to explore more of the options and functionality of the software.
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11110-31-10 - Introduction to Advanced PC-DMIS 301

Cost: $179.00 (USD)
This course introduces advanced PC-DMIS functionality including an introduction to Variables & Expressions, Branching using the IF GOTO command, Using Arrays with While Loops, and File I/O using the ReadLine and WriteLine commands.

11110-31-21 - Automating PC-DMIS 301

Cost: $100.00 (USD)
This eLearning course will walk through simple examples of how to use the PC-DMIS API to automate tasks by writing external applications in C# using Visual Studio. Examples include automatically renaming dimension commands, automatically warn when a feature has too much form error and load parameters from a text file based on part number. This course will expose beginners to some of the possibilities to get started with an automated planned project.

21110-30-05 - Are you ready for PC-DMIS for CMM 301? (A Self Evaluation)

This free course explains the content of PC-DMIS for CMM 301, to help the potential student decide if it is appropriate for their needs. It also includes a survey and a self-evaluation of PC-DMIS knowledge.
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