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eLearning Fundamentals courses guide the student through both an understanding of this site and foundational CMM concepts, preventive maintenance and probing.  Fundamentals courses are free!  Choose a course below to enroll.

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11000-00-10 - eLearning Fundamentals

This free eLearning course will help you learn how to use our training site:

11100-00-10 - CMM Fundamentals

This free eLearning course teaches the student the fundamentals of the coordinate measuring machine.

11100-00-20 - CMM Preventive Maintenance Fundamentals

This free fundamentals course teaches coordinate measuring machine preventive maintenance.

11100-00-30 - PC-DMIS Probe Calibration Fundamentals

This free fundamentals course is a review of the probe calibration procedure from PC-DMIS for CMM 101.

11110-00-001 - DCC Jogbox

The Dcc Jogbox is the newest offering from Hexagon. It combines the functionality of the NJB and its robust buttons and a Windows-based tablet for addition functionality with PC-DMIS and the machine. Button functionality, DCC software for the the jogbox and PC are introduced.

11112-00-30 - PC-DMIS Fundamentals for Managers

This eLearning course will high light PC-DMIS capabilities for the QC Manager. It will provide an understanding of probe calibration, various alignment techniques (included best fit and iterative), position & profile reports, invoking different methods of adding motion and new ways to improve programming generation time and efficiency.

11170-00-10 - 4.5.4 SF CMM Site Preparation

This course explains how to prepare the site, and how to un-crate and position the 4.5.4 SF CMM prior to the arrival of the Hexagon Service Engineer for machine calibration.
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